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The importance of your office Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety how safe is yours.

office viewOffice Health and Safety – When did you last carry out a risk assessment of your office Health and Safety?

Most people find it hard to think of their office as a potentially harmful working environment – after all, the hazards and associated risks faced by a typical office worker are a far cry from the dangers confronted by those working in construction or manufacturing.

Both employer and employee have legal responsibilities for the office health and safety of everyone affected by the business.

Veritas Consulting is the resource for all your office health and safety solutions. We are able to offer Fire Risk Assessment, Health and safety audit, Asbestos Survey and more, much more.

All workplace employees need to receive a variety of health and safety training so they can understand their legal duties. This is a legal requirement.

There are many occupational injuries in an office environment and surprisingly how many people think they are only associated with a heavy industry such as construction.

Office Health and Safety – The Hazards.

The office is home to many hazards that have potential to cause you and your employees harm.

Aches and pains from poorly designed computer work stations i.e prolonged use of keyboards causes repetitive strain injury (RSI) an injury which puts strain on the tendons in the forearm.

Excessive use of Visual display units (VDU) can affect the eyes.

A persons chair may not be suitable and sitting badly can affect their back.

Poor housekeeping leads to slips trips and falls.

Essential testing and inspecting of portable electrical equipment (PAT testing) for electrical faults ‘ are you aware you could be fined or imprisoned without a suitable PAT testing regime being in place.

There are so many pieces of office health and safety regulations which can seem overwhelming at times, therefore be difficult to know where to focus time and resources.

Don’t waste any more time learn more, explore more and do not hesitate to get in touch.

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