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Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Employers are responsible for carrying out Workplace Risk Assessments.

Risk Assessments -The Management of Health and Safety at work regulations 1999, require employers to make a suitable and sufficient Workplace Risk Assessment of the health and safety risks to employees, arising from work activities.

Workplace Risk Assessment is often viewed by organisations as a bureacratic burden but, they are now a common requirement of all health and safety legislation, the emphasis is now on preventing accidents and work-related ill health, rather that just reacting to incidents, and making improvements after the event.

An indequate Risk Assessment is criminal.

Line Management in charge of workplace activities such as Directors, Managers, supervisers could be held liable for a failure.

Your Workplace Risk Assessment must be suitable and sufficient and any prosecution would concentrate on the inadequacy of this and the failure to communicate the safe system of work to your staff.

Depending on the outcome fines could reach up to £20k in a magistrates court.

We can help whatever your Industry or Trade.

We can assist you with writing your Workplace Risk Assessments for your business.

Whatever your industry – Office, Construction, Retail, Factories and Warehouse, Hotels, Manufacturing.

Whatever your trade – Groundwork, Carpentry, Plumbing, Painting and Decorating, Roofing, Electrician, Heating Engineers, Bricklaying, Scaffolding.

We will write your Risk Assessments and show you how to implement them contact us or call 0800 1488 677

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