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Online First Aid Training

Online First Aid Training for your business…

Employees need to be trained effectively in Basic First Aid. If you want an impressive onscreen video, enjoyable interactive games and a simple test with a certificate of First Aid Training, we have has just the thing!

Every year hundreds if not thousands of people suffer a range of injuries in the Workplace of which could have easily been avoided had a lot more people known the principles of First Aid training.

This basic first aid training does replace any formal practical training however, what it does provide is an excellent route to refreshing your knowledge as a first aider person. Please note that by completing this training you won’t become a doctor, or even a paramedic; they are the professionals who will need to take over at the earliest possible moment.

Summary of the course content

  • The importance of First Aid Training
  • The First Aid Regulations
  • Workplace First Aid Risk assessment
  • Determine how many First Aiders are required in your workplace.
  • Primary survey: You will learn what to consider when being called to an injured person.
  • CPR: What to do when an injured person stops breathing
  • Secondary survey: Explains what is required should an injured person need a secondary survey. Known as the “Top to Toe Survey”
  • The recovery position: What to do with an unresponsive injured person who shows signs of recovery. Learn what to do for putting an injured person into the recovery position safely.
  • Bleeding and Shock: Learn the types of bleeding and how to treat them effectively. Learn what is Shock and how to treat an injured person immediately.

BOOK NOW - 19.50 written on a buttonThe duration of this online training course is approx 38 minutes (excludes time to take exam) and all delegates get a certificate of competence. You can stop and start the course as and when you like.

And help will be available at all times.

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