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Time To Think Health not Just Safety – For the Construction Sector

Construction Sector – Think Health as much as Safety As we talked about last month, the HSE found one in six UK construction sites unsafe in their surprise spot checks a few weeks ago.  Let’s take a look at the main health problems sites still have. Firstly, one in six isn’t so bad, compared to past… Read the Full Post

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Good Construction Health and Safety builds a Healthy Site

Undoubtedly Construction Health and Safety is very important and sites are often considered one of the most dangerous places to work, simply because there are so many potential hazards that could cause illness, injury or even death in some cases.  Health and Safety legislation now places a great deal of responsibility on site managers and… Read the Full Post

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CDM Support Services for Netley School Campus London

The Netley School Campus development London CDM Support Services Prior to Construction there were an extensive examination of options, overall the Scheme is to make improvements to the Victorian buildings and redevelop the remainder of the site with new Education and Community Facilities. The project is to be entirely self-funded through the development of residential… Read the Full Post

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Health And Safety, And Party Wall Notification Laws

Safety needs to be at the very foundation of all building work, especially where the foundations of the building are concerned. Unfortunately this was where one Wolverhampton building firm went wrong, resulting in the partial collapse of a residential property, and a £7,500 fine. Last year Astbury Design and Build Ltd were employed to build… Read the Full Post

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A Critical Variable In The World Of Health And Safety

If there’s one factor that always needs to be considered when evaluating health and safety procedures and methods here in the UK, it’s the weather. Often unpredictable, frequently surprising, the weather can very easily turn a straightforward and simple job into one fraught with dangers. Whether it’s floodwater, wind, rain or lightning, the British weather… Read the Full Post

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28 Year Old Killed In Wiltshire As A Result Of Cost Cutting

We all understand the need to cut costs and keep expenses low whilst trying to deliver on time, on target and to standard. But there are times when cost cutting should be cut out completely, and this is certainly very true in the tragic case in Wiltshire where a 28 year old contractor was killed… Read the Full Post

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Permanent Damage to Nerves of Worker Could Have Been Prevented

On 25 March 2013 GKN Aerospace was fined after they failed to ensure the safety of their employees for a minimum of six years. As a result of their failings multiple employees have been left with damage to their nerves and the damage is permanent. Vibration Tools Led to Damage of the Nerves and Circulation… Read the Full Post

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Should You Be Providing Personal Protective Equipment

If you’re an employer you have to follow your duties concerning PPE: personal protective equipment. PPE is used to help protect individuals from risks that they face at work. There are many different types of equipment that can be used, ranging from helmets to safety harnesses. There are many examples of types of work where… Read the Full Post

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Severe Injuries Caused by Working with Machinery

Machines can be deadly and also can result in multiple injuries both minor and extremely severe. To help reduce the risks caused by working with machinery there are regulations designed to control and reduce those risks. One of those risks is to have in place the appropriate safety guards. These guards can protect employees from… Read the Full Post

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Whisky Fire Chaos Could Have Been Avoided

A Scottish whisky manufacturer has been prosecuted by the HSE after a fire broke out in their warehouse. The incident occurred while two employees were busy filling up casts at the warehouse located on the Great Western Road in June 2009.The men were on a walkway made of metal on the top part of the… Read the Full Post

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