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Health and Safety Training: Keeping risk assessments up to date in the workplace

There are very basic requirements that every business must keep abreast of to make sure there are acceptable levels of comfort and security in the workplace, and most businesses, having been put through some degree of health and safety training, will be aware of this. The Basic Workplace Risk Assessment The most rudimentary requirements are… Read the Full Post

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Keeping Patients Safe – Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Hospitals and care homes will inevitably have patients who are susceptible to accidents or illness but it is all about the measures that healthcare facilities put into place to help lessen the chances of accidents and make sure that they are properly positioned to react in a timely fashion when a patient requires assistance. When… Read the Full Post

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Are You More at Risk of Having a Heart Attack if Unemployed?

There has been a lot of debate recently on whether being unemployed increases your risk of having a heart attack. This debate came into effect after a published study in the Archives of Internal Medicine associated unemployment to a high risk of heart disease. With the financial crisis that the world has just experienced and… Read the Full Post

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Faster Decisions Could Save Lives

Late last week, Trafford Magistrates Court handed down a £5,000 fine (together with £12,000 of court costs) to a demolition contractor that was found to be instrumental in an accident in which one of its workers suffered serious injuries when a two tonne slab of concrete fell onto the cab of the excavator he was… Read the Full Post

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What Can YOU Really Do To Reduce The Risks Around Your Workplace?

Accidents happen all the time and they can happen absolutely anywhere, even at work. According to HSE (Health and Safety Executive), in the 2011/2012 health and safety statistics, 1.1 million workers have suffered from a work-related illness. You are responsible for the health and safety of every single one of your employees while they are… Read the Full Post

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Risk management and assessment of construction safety measures

Construction, the most dangerous land-based work, is fraught with a number of fatalities and risks. There is a large incidence rate of fatal occupational injuries in most construction sites. The constantly changing work environment of construction industries makes it very difficult for anyone to implement the right safety measures during the construction processes. Read along… Read the Full Post

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How To Prevent Accidents In The Warehouse

Many businesses have storage and warehouse facilities as an integral part of their business and from time to time these can become busy places with bursts of intense activity. With a lot of activity happening under one roof, accidents can become more frequent. The dangers of a warehouse are well known. Not only could an… Read the Full Post

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5 Ways To Minimise The Risk Of An Electric Shock

Electricity has brought unbelievable advancements to human society. Whether it’s the ability to use time saving gadgets, connect with the world through the Internet or simply have light in the evening, our modern society would be unrecognisable in its absence. However this modern capability does present a serious health and safety risk. In fact, the… Read the Full Post

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The Importance of Work Place First Aid and Health & Safety Compliance

First aid provisions and training are critical to the safe running of any workplace and they are often enforced by law. Of course in some particular industries, the need for staff first aid training and first aid supplies is greater; however it should still be a cause for concern for all organisations, regardless of the… Read the Full Post

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How the SMSTS Course can reduce incidents in the construction industry

When it comes to the construction industry, health and safety is about more than simply ticking boxes – it’s about avoiding potentially serious incidents where employees could get severely injured. The SMSTS Course, designed for anyone in a managerial or supervisory role in the construction industry, makes sure that the people responsible for staff on… Read the Full Post

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