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When The Fun Of The Fair Becomes Deadly Serious

The thrill of the fair is often in the exhilaration that comes from being frightened. But the one thing we expect is to be safe. Fear within the confines of safety is fun, but it’s an entirely different scenario when that safety we rely on so much is no longer there. Machines fail, and mechanical… Read the Full Post

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Health And Safety That’s Hard To Believe

Whilst there are times when accidents at work occur in previously unconsidered or unusual circumstances, there are also occasions when working practices simply beggar belief. There have been a couple of cases recently in which it seems that any consideration of health and safety didn’t just go out of the window, but actually got into… Read the Full Post

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When Can Health And Safety Rules Be Broken?

The answer is when there are no longer rules. Contrary to what some people believe, health and safety is not a fixed set of immoveable rules cast in stone and framed with iron. Health and safety rules and regulations change, and this is important. It is also the cause of a certain number of problems,… Read the Full Post

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Food Industry Continues To Offer Serious Health And Safety Concerns

This week we have heard yet another example of a food company failing to ensure appropriate safety guards were in place and working, resulting in yet another hand injury. This is the fourth such injury within the food industry in the past few months, with all injuries resulting from the same lack of attention to… Read the Full Post

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Safety Failings at Engineering Firm Results in Prosecution by the HSE

An engineering firm in Southampton has been fined after one of their employees was seriously injured. The worker, Paul Thornton, was operating an aluminium casting machine at the time of the accident. The accident caused Mr Thornton to have his toe amputated and he also suffered from fractures to the rest of his toes and… Read the Full Post

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Dangerous Excavations Leads to Fine for Construction Firm

Excavation Work A construction firm have been fined after a Health and Safety Executive investigation found serious safety problems in relation to some excavation work that was being carried out in Rochester. The investigation was a result of concerns being placed by the council and Southern Water who witnessed an unsupported excavation that was approximately… Read the Full Post

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Bus Hits Worker!

Abba Scrap Metal, a steel metal firm, has recently been prosecuted by the HSE after one of their employees was seriously injured when a bus hit him while being moved onto a truck. The 49 year old worker, Clifford Evans, was pushed up against a solid wall momentarily by the bus before it swung away… Read the Full Post

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Health and Safety Actions for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

If you run a small or medium sized business you will need to work harder on your health and safety to keep in control. Whether you have a board of directors, partners or are the sole owner you have duties to follow and these can be quite complicated, especially if you’re working on guess work.… Read the Full Post

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Coronation Street

A story line in Coronation Street has been praised thanks to their efforts in raising the awareness of the Gas Safety Register. The storyline was created with the help of the Gas Safety Register and was designed to help to show the risks of unqualified people from working on gas installations and appliances. It is… Read the Full Post

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Sentence for Two Companies Responsible for the Death of Scaffolding Worker

Two firms have been sentenced at Swansea Crown Court after a worker was killed when he fell from a height while working on a building site. Carillion Construction, a major construction company and Febrey, a concrete structure firm were both prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive. Contractor Died after Scaffolding fall Febrey had contracted… Read the Full Post

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