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Heath and Safety Cuts – HSE Considering Cutting Unannounced Inspections Putting Lives at Risk

Health and Safety Cuts Leaked to the Press This week leaked letter has exposed the current discussions which are underway in the Health and Safety Executive offices.  The letter shows that HSE bosses are considering axing many unplanned visits to many companies over a large variety of industries. This has caused a huge amount of… Read the Full Post

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What is the NAS Skills Card (SICCS)

The Shopfitting and Interior Contracting Competence Scheme SICCS This is a national skills registration scheme that provides a single skills card for this sector within the global sphere of construction. What better time, therefore, for shopfitters and interior contractors to underline their independence and show the world at large the difference between themselves and the… Read the Full Post

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First Aid Instructors Course Birmingham

How do you fancy becoming a First Aid Instructor….carry on reading. Our Training Partner has now been accredited to provide 7303 (PTTLS) Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector. The opportunity for the right caliber of person to become a self employed freelance associate trainer within 10 days is now achievable, this means as part… Read the Full Post

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Health and Safety Christmas Time

Get ready for the Christmas Holidays With the holiday season almost upon us at both home and work, it’s time to review your safety equipment. At work we comply because of professionalism and regulations! But what about at home. Do you have a First Aid kit handy, or even a Fire Extinguisher and Smoke alarms?… Read the Full Post

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Fire risk assessment – action required by the employer

 Fire Risk Assessment Where the fire safety order regulations apply to your workplace YOU MUST carry out a FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT and make an EMERGENCY PLAN. A FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT is a structured and a systematic examination of the workplace to identify the hazards from fire. Once identified, you must then decide if a hazard… Read the Full Post

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Fire risk assessment and the Fire Safety Order 2005 – your legal responsibility

 Fire Safety Order 2005 The legal responsibility for ensuring compliance with fire safety and related legislation lies with the relevant company as the employing authority, where it is in control of a workplace or is the occupier of premises. Specific responsibilities may fall solely on the company or jointly with others in shared premises under… Read the Full Post

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Fire risk assessment – don’t get your fingers burnt

 Fire Risk Assessment Fire is the most destructive and costly cause of damage to buildings and other property. A fire represents probably the single most catastrophic event that any establishment is likely to experience, and in addition, carries with it risks to the safety, wellbeing and potentially, the lives of its occupants. Fire is often… Read the Full Post

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Dowdy safety image needs effective leadership

The Safety Culture Effective leadership from senior management is a key feature of a positive safety culture as it determines how everybody else in the organisation will view and act upon safety issues. Unfortunately, safety management is not a field that excites many senior managers and executives. Attending to safety issues tends to be seen… Read the Full Post

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What is health and safety culture

Breed a Quality Safety Culture The `safety culture’ of an organisation can be defined as `the way we do things around here’. As such, culture provides a context for action which binds together the different components of an organisational  system  in  the  pursuit  of  corporate  goals. Successful organisations  tend  to  have  strong cultures which dominate… Read the Full Post

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