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Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) – An overview
Posted by David Cant on January 25, 2010

Site Waste Management Plan

Download a Site Waste Management Plan template

Just a quick post to clarify the situation regarding Site Waste Management Plans.(SWMP)

Under the Site Waste management regulations the responsibility to prepare a SWMP falls onto a client, which must include a forecast on the proposed waste strategy prior to the project commences onsite, this can be discussed with designers.

The client then hands the SWMP which forms part of the pre-con information onto the principal contractor whom then implements, monitors and reviews waste management on behalf of the client during construction.

It doesn’t end there – The client still needs to ensure that his waste is being managed in the spirit of the regulations, one way to do this is to include “waste management” as a meeting agenda item that way clients are able to ensure that their waste is being managed appropriately onsite, possibly in-line with their own Environmental policy initially forecast from the outset.

Please note that the Client and Principal contractor referred to under these regulations are completely separate to those under CDM 2007 and therefore, will have their own implications for failing to prepared, develop or otherwise a SWMP – Note SWMPs are subject to Environmental legislation and not health and safety, which can sometimes be misleading.

Download a Site Waste Management Plan template


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