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What do you think about this Poor Design for Roof Plant & Latchway System

Another example from our “CDM Matters in Design” series Examples of Poor design are quite common and result in many situations presenting unnecessary difficulties for Maintenance. Often just more thought and a little common sense are all that is required.  An example of poor design is shown below. Flat Roof Design A Latchway System running beneath… Read the Full Post

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Practical steps that CDM Designers can take.

GOOD Designers can make a BIG difference designing OUT the risks CDM DESIGNERS CHECKLIST 1) Health and safety should not be an afterthought. This is sometimes better understood by civil engineers than by designers of buildings because many civil engineering projects involve obvious and clearly defined risks. When designing a bridge to be built over… Read the Full Post

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CDM Designers Risk Register

CDM Designer Risk Register for you (Free) A CDM Designers Risk Register is to be regarded as a management tool for the identification and elimination/reduction of hazards and risks associated with the de project. The Designers Risk register can be used to create a single document where all significant design risks can be identified, collated,… Read the Full Post

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