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Public Safety and the Construction Site

Public Safety Concerns on Construction Sites A construction site is normally a very unsafe environment for both the workers and the public around the site because of all the equipment, materials, and activity in the area. Implementation of safety measures should be given the highest priority when you are carrying out a construction to avoid… Read the Full Post

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Assessing The CDM Regulations 2014

As I have said before through this blog, the construction industry remains one of the most accident and incident-prone sectors in terms of health and safety, and in response to this continued concern the Regulations which govern the construction industry are being revised. But what does this mean to those of us involved in one… Read the Full Post

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North Sea Helicopter Crash

The recent tragic Super Puma helicopter crash in the North Sea off Shetland is certainly going to be in the minds of anyone involved with health and safety, and I know that all of us here at Veritas Consulting extend our thoughts and prayers to all family and friends of the four people on board.… Read the Full Post

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Construction Site Safety Measures – An Annual Warning About Children And Construction Sites

As the schools break up across the UK and children once again find themselves looking at an almost impossibly long period of time during which they are free to entertain themselves it is important to highlight once again the dangers of construction sites. Unfortunately construction sites have often been seen by children as exciting and… Read the Full Post

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Fall from Height Results in Serious Head Injury

As health and safety consultants we often try to point out the dangers involved in working in construction.  Falls from height are one of the most common forms of injuries and deaths, and yet there are still construction firms who fail their employees by breaching the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. Accidents… Read the Full Post

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Which is the most Dangerous Industry in UK, and why is Health and Safety so important?

Year after year over 3000 people die on the roads. So why is the construction industry so concerned? Construction Industry is now the most Dangerous Industry in terms of Deaths Firstly, as a caring society, we are surely all concerned at any death or injury. We do not categorise deaths, some being more important than… Read the Full Post

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Construction Design and Management Regulations Presentation

Construction Design And Management Regulations (Cdm2007) A Brief Overview View more presentations from David Cant.

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Contractors Role and part 2 CDM Regulations

Duties of Contractors What Contractors must do for all Projects (Part 2 CDM Regulations) Contractors must ensure: Clients are aware of their duties. Not start work until they have obtained the pre-construction information from the client (or PC). Plan, manage and monitor their own work to make sure that their workers are safe. Ensure they… Read the Full Post

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