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Risk Assessments – Are You Doing them Right?

Many businesses are using health and safety consultants to teach them how to perform the required, adequate risk assessments in everyday operations. There are all sorts of occasions in the…

Health and Safety took the fun out of Learning; Now the fun is coming back

Schools have found that the health and safety laws regarding school trips have been too much to cope with.  As a result there have been fewer school trips in recent…

Fire Safety Building Regulations 2007 Part B

Fire Safety Presentation on Building Regulations Part B 2007 View more presentations from David Cant.

Fire Risk Assessment Presentation

Fire Risk Assessment Presentation Need a Fire Risk Assessment for your business do get in touch View more presentations from David Cant.

Fire risk assessment – action required by the employer

 Fire Risk Assessment Where the fire safety order regulations apply to your workplace YOU MUST carry out a FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT and make an EMERGENCY PLAN. A FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT…

Fire risk assessment and the Fire Safety Order 2005 – your legal responsibility

 Fire Safety Order 2005 The legal responsibility for ensuring compliance with fire safety and related legislation lies with the relevant company as the employing authority, where it is in control…

Fire risk assessment – don’t get your fingers burnt

 Fire Risk Assessment Fire is the most destructive and costly cause of damage to buildings and other property. A fire represents probably the single most catastrophic event that any establishment…