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man using a drill on a construction site
How to manage Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome in construction

Do you monitor your workers use of tools and equipment that vibrate which are harmful to health when overused? On site machinery poses all kinds of risks asides from the…

2 Million People at Risk – Do Your Workers Have HAVS?
2 Million People at Risk – Do Your Workers Have HAVS?

What is Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome At a glance it may seem vibrations from power tools are a minor concern, but too much and you can develop serious and…

Permanent Damage to Nerves of Worker Could Have Been Prevented

On 25 March 2013 GKN Aerospace was fined after they failed to ensure the safety of their employees for a minimum of six years. As a result of their failings…

Effective Ways to Manage Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Vibration Syndrome Hand arm vibration syndrome, which is also called HAVS is a disorder caused to the fingers, arms and hands due to continued exposure to vibration while using various…