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Legislation – Quantity over Quality

Legislation Review – Do the Numbers Really Matter? About ten years ago I recall having to draw up a register of health and safety legislation for a manufacturing site.  Despite it being quite a long list, the thing that struck me about it was how boring and generic most of the legislation sounded.  I recall… Read the Full Post

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County Council in Warwickshire Fined for Failing Self-Employed Worker

The Health and Safety Executive have prosecuted the Warwickshire County Council. They decided to prosecute the council after one of their contractors was injured on the job.  A self-employed heating contractor was badly injured when he was working around machinery which was not properly guarded. As a result of the accident the contractor, John Shields,… Read the Full Post

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How to Manage Health and Safety Successfully

  Directors and Managers can be held personally responsible for failures to control health and safety. Ask yourself this: Can you afford such failures?   Do you really manage health and safety?   If not – why not? After all, you manage all the other areas of your business successfully, so what is different about… Read the Full Post

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Construction Design and Management Regulations Presentation

Construction Design And Management Regulations (Cdm2007) A Brief Overview View more presentations from David Cant.

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Health and safety – What is the problem?

health and safety good or bad

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