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Back pain in the UK

Back pain in the UK If you listen to an office worker for more than five minutes, it is easy to believe that back pain is a curse of the modern, sedentary workforce. Thousands of newspaper column inches each year are devoted to the “epidemic” of back pain caused by office jobs – after all,… Read the Full Post

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Mind Your Back! Your Quick & Easy Guide to Manual Handling

Simple Guide to Manual Handling and Lifting explained It’s not always the big dramatic injury risks, like plummeting through a roof, that need to be watched out for – though they get the most attention. More everyday pain, discomfort, and inability to work is caused by simple things done often – like a bit of… Read the Full Post

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Reminder to Pay Attention to Safety Warnings

Oxfordshire Ales Ltd was provided with a written warning by the HSE in May 2010.  The warning came in the form of an improvement notice that detailed what action needed to be taken.  The HSE inspector was concerned with several issues found at the Marsh Gibbon production plant.  The improvements were required for the manual… Read the Full Post

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Safety in the Printing Industry When Manual Handling

The printing trade involves a lot of manual handling, and as a result these types of activities cause the most injuries in this industry. In order to reduce the risk of injuries to your workers it is necessary to follow the laws which are in place to help you create a safe working environment. These… Read the Full Post

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