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Taking Shortcuts in Safety? There’s No Excuse!

If you’re working with any kind of machinery, it seems like a no brainer that you need to make sure you’re using it safely, right? Unfortunately, there are some businesses…

Cutting Corners – Considering the Risk to Reward Ratio
Cutting Corners – Considering the Risk to Reward Ratio

Stop and consider the Safety Risk to Reward Ratio No matter what role you perform, there is a quick way to do your job, and there is the correct way…

Risk management and assessment of construction safety measures

Construction, the most dangerous land-based work, is fraught with a number of fatalities and risks. There is a large incidence rate of fatal occupational injuries in most construction sites. The…

Construction (Health and Safety) Risk Management

Construction Risk Management for Health and Safety If it is accepted that good management involves; The use of competent persons/organisations The availability of background information The pre-planning of work activities…