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Are your Safety Measures Siphoning your Resources?

What Resources Have Businesses set aside for Safety Measures? The question business owners need to be asking themselves today is whether the safety measures they have put in place at their premises are effective or a mere waste of time and money. A survey by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has revealed that small firms… Read the Full Post

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When Safety Doesn’t Keep Up With Manufacturing Changes

If you stay working with one company for long enough you’ll be certain to see some changes. Unfortunately for one worker at Vauxhall in Ellesmere Port 43 years saw changes which resulted in his death. Manufacturing Changes Ian Heard joined the company at the age of 16 as an apprentice, and throughout 43 years of… Read the Full Post

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Dowdy safety image needs effective leadership

The Safety Culture Effective leadership from senior management is a key feature of a positive safety culture as it determines how everybody else in the organisation will view and act upon safety issues. Unfortunately, safety management is not a field that excites many senior managers and executives. Attending to safety issues tends to be seen… Read the Full Post

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Health and safety – What is the problem?

health and safety good or bad

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