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Builders! 59% of Fatalities are Falls – are Your Workers Safe?

Builders value YOUR Workplace Safety? Health and Safety for Builders That’s right, a whopping 59% of UK construction site fatalities in 2013 were from falls, according to the HSE.  And 28% of over 6,300 total injuries. And naturally, the number of lawsuits and fines against construction companies is extra high from fall injuries too. In May,… Read the Full Post

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Construction Site Safety Measures – An Annual Warning About Children And Construction Sites

As the schools break up across the UK and children once again find themselves looking at an almost impossibly long period of time during which they are free to entertain themselves it is important to highlight once again the dangers of construction sites. Unfortunately construction sites have often been seen by children as exciting and… Read the Full Post

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Second Scaffolding Collapse Results in Fine

Another case of poorly managed and planned construction work made the headlines this week.  This time two workers were injured after the scaffolding collapsed at a student accommodation site. The men were positioned at various heights on the scaffold tower as they worked on the building. As the scaffolding began to collapse the employee at… Read the Full Post

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Fall from Height Results in Serious Head Injury

As health and safety consultants we often try to point out the dangers involved in working in construction.  Falls from height are one of the most common forms of injuries and deaths, and yet there are still construction firms who fail their employees by breaching the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. Accidents… Read the Full Post

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