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Get unlimited health and safety advice

Subscribe to safety sounding board sessions, where you can discuss any burning queries you have, either virtually or over the phone. You are in control.

How this service has helped many people

  • Clarity about health, safety, risk management and human factors
  • How to improve health and safety strategy for a serious business
  • The problems facing health and safety in the workplace solved

An introduction to the safety sounding board

For UNLIMITED access to 20 years of experience and knowledge in safety and risk management, subscribe to regular sounding board sessions.

So, what’s involved?

  • A safety and risk management advisory service
  • Trusted expertise either by phone or virtual platform
  • Access to proven strategies for improving performance

What this means for you

  • Safe in the knowledge that an expert is available at your disposal
  • A resource to call upon as and when required for peace of mind
  • All the practicable, actionable advice you will ever need
  • Clear, jargon-free technical advice in plain English

A monthly subscription includes up to three sessions via a virtual platform to ask anything, and over the phone advice at your fingertips at any time.

You will be given access to an online calendar to book your sounding board session at a time and day to suit you. The most popular sessions among subscribers are booked for an hour.

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