Health and Safety Consultancy Services for SMEs in Birmingham, West Midlands and beyond

About Veritas Consulting – Who Are We

Veritas Consulting, who, where and why?

Need help with Workplace Health and Safety issues? Veritas Consulting gives you the solutions you need.

Photography of David Cant

David Cant Managing Director of Veritas Consulting Safety Services. Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner

Veritas Consulting is run by David Cant who is a Chartered member of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH). David keeps up to date with changes in legislation through Continued Professional Development and his network of consultants.

Drawing on many years experience the consultancy operates in all areas of workplace health and safety, including role of a CDM Coordinator , Asbestos Survey Management and Training.

David also appeared on Channel 4 TV as CDM Coordinator for “Rome wasn’t built in a day” learn more

Standing out

Veritas Consulting tends to standout from the large consultancy crowd. They are a small but very well established Health and Safety Consultancy with over 15 years experience in the built environment working with a broad range of Clients from Sole traders, Landlords, Property Developers, Retail and Construction Professionals.

Perfectly located

With offices based in Birmingham, West Midlands we are ideally placed to service businesses regardless of their location.

The consultancy operates in all areas of workplace health and safety, including CDM Coordinator , Asbestos Survey Management and Training.

And it does not stop there.

At all times, we ensure that the client feels secure & in capable hands by providing:

  • Total Clarity  “about the risks and costs to the business”
  • Experience  “expert health and safety consultants with a proven track record helping businesses implement better practices”
  • Relationship  “working with the client towards an outcome that is in their best interests”

An uncomplicated approach

To not only make your business totally compliant but to ensure the whole process is as simple as possible. Additionally, we offer a free initial telephone consultation to give a little reassurance before we take matters forward.

Convinced we can help? Let’s talk

Nothing will convince you fully, until you instruct Veritas Consulting Health and Safety Consultants to work with you. Only, then, will you be able to experience for yourself, how Veritas Consulting has become such a well respected independent health and safety consultancy.

Ok, i’m interested whats my next step

Learn more about the services we offer and how it can reduce risks and liabilities for your company by the contact form or if you prefer email or call 0800 1488 678. We’d be delighted to help.

…need a Health and Safety Consultant, Asbestos Surveyor or CDM Coordinator for the Birmingham, West Midlands area and beyond?

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