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CDM Adviser Services

CDM Advisers trusted by the industry to provide total support for Construction professionals.

Registered CDM CoordinatorsVeritas Consulting are registered CDM Advisers, but what does it mean to you? being registered CDM Advisers means that we can demonstrate superb Construction and Design Risk Management skills with an in depth-knowledge of construction because we belong to The Association for Project Safety – the regulating body.

CDM Advisers: a key piece of the project jigsaw.

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Since CDM this increasing demand for experienced CDM Advisers who can offer the high levels of service required to administer the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) on a wide range of projects, is one of the driving factors behind Veritas Consulting ability to deliver client needs.

This is especially true since we are in a position to provide an experienced CDM Adviser, who possess a clear understanding of the CDM regulations and a proven track record in the role of the previously named CDM Coordinator

Our CDM Adviser Services

  • We provide clients with the high levels of service required to administer the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM)
  • As your CDM Adviser, Veritas Consulting will handle all the risk management factors associated with health and safety
  • A CDM Adviser will manage all health and safety aspects of the design process.
  • We will notify the HSE (F10) of your project on your behalf.
  • And, as you may know, a CDM Adviser is key for every construction project regardless whether a project will last longer than 30 days, or 500 person days.

“The location of a CDM Adviser is not important – extensive experience is. That’s what you’ll find we’re about.”

David Cant. Director Veritas Consulting.

Experience where it counts.

At Veritas Consulting, our highly experienced CDM Advisers have a close working relationship with the HSE and worked on numerous construction projects including complex new build, Demolition, Housing, refurbishing offices, educational and leisure facilities – often in the most demanding circumstances. View a small selection of projects

A typical guide on our CDM Advisers fees

It is not often known what is involved in administering the CDM Regulations as each project is different however, what we do know is that Veritas CDM Adviser role fees are amongst the most competitive in the industry and based on the following factors;

  • the project location & complexity of the works
  • estimated duration of the proposed scheme
  • estimated construction value
  • the identification of an adequately resourced design or project team.

Need a quote? get an instant fee online using our fee calculator

Clients legal obligations under CDM Regulations

Veritas Consulting can provide an experienced and highly competent CDM Adviser who has a clear understanding of CDM Regulations.  This is supported with a proven track record in the role of what was previously known as a CDM Coordinator.  Here are some links:

To find out more about the ways CDM Regulations apply to your specific project – together with more information about our CDM Adviser role in Birmingham, the West Midlands and across the UK – call us today on 0800 1488 677.