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Competent Person Service

A Competent Person Service

Easily affordable, flexible Competent Person Service packages for your business – From ONLY £9.50 p/w

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Peace of mind

It would be fair to say that businesses of all shapes and sizes may take their eye of the ball when it comes to managing health and safety during these challenging times, but with Veritas Consulting easily affordable Competent-Person-Service, you simply don’t need to!

Our Competent Person Service is different. Why?

Because we know that no two businesses are the same. There are different needs AND limited budgets. And our Competent Person Service packages come with No formal contract, easy in, easy out. And unique.

What do I get?

Your business can benefit from a selection of the following services from ONLY £9.50 p/w;

  • Bespoke Health and Safety Policy
  • Initial discussion with a consultant.
  • A review of your existing Health and Safety policy.
  • A briefing and detailed written report to management on key issues at the end of the review.
  • You are entitled to designate us as your “Competent Person” on your corporate literature.
  • An unlimited gateway to professional advice via telephone & email as required answering your health and safety queries.
  • Regular newsletter’s providing updates on who’s in court, H & S Legislation, useful safety tips and articles etc.
  • Flexible office visits to produce a review status report.
  • Tailored documentation, safety policies, risk assessments etc
  • A training needs analysis for full time employees
  • Discount on our health and safety training course’s.
  • Availability of a consultant to carry out safety inspection’s.
  • A consultant to attend scheduled meetings to discuss and advise.
  • Assistance with CHAS Registration and Constructionline.
  • Assistance with CITB Training grant.
  • Assistance with Health and safety Prequal – questionnaires.

Download our Competent Person Service brochure

So, when you’re ready to appoint Veritas Consulting as your Competent Person, or indeed, if you need immediate cover – get the ball rolling & call 0800 1488 677 or email us

Veritas Consulting offer a competent person service – the Know-how a business needs that don’t have the necessary expertise in house but need a regular expert input – removing the cost of a full time employee.

Why do I need to appoint a safety consultant?

It is a criminal offence if you do not seek competent advice.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 under Reg (7) requires each employer to appoint one or more competent persons to assist in health and safety management.

We are a resource to be called upon, as and when required, and you are entitled to designate us as your “Competent Person”.

To put it simply, we provide ongoing support to SMEs who do not employ a health & safety person in addition to providing specialist back up to those who already have in-house expertise.

Explore more, learn more and do not hesitate to get in touch about Veritas Consulting Competent Person Service

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