Health and Safety Consultancy Services for SMEs in Birmingham, West Midlands and beyond

Construction Health and Safety Specialists

Construction Health and Safety Specialists

Total support for contractors – CHAS Registration Application quickly and won’t cost you the earth.

man on a construction siteAre you a Contractor, Designer that needs help with your CHAS Registration Application?

Do you need to improve your chance winning tenders and profitable contracts?

Are you keen to work in the public sector?

Experience shows at times, that the CHAS Registration Scheme accreditation is difficult to obtain without assistance from a professional construction health and safety consultant.

How we can help your business.

Drawing on in-house experience our construction Health and safety consultants have for many years helped many SMEs Construction companies, to organise or improve their knowledge, for managing health and safety, yet increasing their potential to win new and profitable contracts.

Complemented with our health and safety training along with practical solutions for Principal Contractors, Sub-contractors we are able help companies win new contracts.

CHAS Registration Application giving you a headache – Let us help.

If you a contractor or designer then employ us to help complete the CHAS Registration application form and help break through the construction health and safety legislation obstacles that surrounds running your business.

We can assist with competence and resource assessments a requirement set down by the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM), a common request by many prospective clients, this is to ensure contractors they employ are competent to undertake the works employed to do safely.

With the CHAS Registration Scheme assessment in place will most certainly help you increase the potential for your company to win more contracts and allowing you to concentrate on your best efforts on what you do best.

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