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It’s no exaggeration to say that a well thought-out Health and Safety Policy is a key ingredient in running a successful business. And playing fast and loose in this area of your business can be costly. But one thing is for sure. It is our core strength in fully understanding compliance that forms an uncomplicated approach in helping unlock the huge benefits effective Health and Safety can bring to your business.

It’s also the bedrock that helps guide client’s through the minefield of health and safety rules and Regulations of which tends to allow Veritas Consulting to standout from the large consultancy crowd.

Who, where and why?

Affordable Health and Safety Consultancy Services to help your business run like clockwork

Affordable Health and Safety Consultancy Services to help your business run like clockwork

When a company has an effective health and safety policy in place, it’s something you can sense as soon as you walk onto their premises. An air of calm efficiency transmits a feeling of reassurance to employees, suppliers and customers.

The tangible benefits go way beyond a company’s enhanced professional image and compliance with workplace law. There are real practical benefits which improve the efficiency and productivity of your workforce not forgetting lower insurance premiums and the massively reduced risk of expensive legal claims against your company.

With so much at stake, the potential risks associated with creating your own health and safety policy are just too high. The complexities of legal and social obligations nowadays make it essential to bring in expert health and safety consultants CDM Advisers like Veritas Consulting.

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When Health and Safety goes wrong

Here are just a few of the disasters your company could avoid by bringing in professional health and safety consultants to manage the risks associated with running your business:


Directors, managers and supervisors can all be prosecuted for infringements of health and safety law, so it’s important that they are protected.


The financial implications of this for individuals, and the disruption caused to your business, can be substantial.


Employees could suffer a loss of earnings, and the burden of after-care costs on the company itself following expensive claims for an injury or accident could have serious consequences including the total collapse of your business.