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About David Cant

Now in his second decade as a chartered health and safety consultant, David provides how-to articles, advice and guidance to make compliance easier for construction professionals, Architects and the built environment. When David is not helping clients with his unique mix of knowledge and experience, he enjoys being a good dad, a good partner and prefers drinking wine to beer. Known to be good with compliance and a corkscrew. You can get in touch on social media Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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Here are my most recent posts

6 important tips to help people working from home

Working from home is, for now at least, the new normal. But for millions of workers across the UK, this is far from normal. How can businesses prepare workers who…

Declutter health and safety paperwork
How to cut out the safety clutter

Too many rules spoil the company – so you need to cut out the safety clutter. Cutting clutter in your health and safety practices can deliver real benefits to employee…

construction safety risk management
Five steps to construction safety risk management

Managing risk is important in any business, any industry, and every company. But it comes at a price – not that construction safety risk management is a costly exercise –…

How to improve safety culture in construction

CSI your Workplace – No, we’re not saying every workplace is a crime scene… not that type of CSI. Here we’re talking about continuous safety improvement. Establishing and improving safety…

Psychological safety
It’s not all about slips, trips and falls: Psychological safety

While most people think slips, trips and falls as the main focus on health and safety, there are other aspects that are important to foster a sense of teamwork and…

A Bowtie_Diagram for health and safety risk management
Why a bowtie will keep you and your workers safe

Driving workplace accidents ever-closer to the zero option requires a change of mindset about the way risk is identified and managed. That’s never going to be a one-off employee awareness-raising…

health and safety culture signs
Is health and safety culture built into the DNA of your company?

Safe working practices don’t just happen – they are the result of hard work and determination by everyone in your organisation. Making the workplace safer benefits everyone – from those…

Architect under Paperwork
Enough with the health and safety paperwork already

Over the years, health and safety provisions have become synonymous with bureaucracy. Ask any construction site manager or foreman and they’ll tell you – health and safety is nothing but…

Construction workers whistleblower
Am I my brother’s keeper? Keeping colleagues safe on site

Most businesses have a responsible person tasked with ensuring health and safety standards are upheld on site. They will also draw up workplace risk assessments, confirm that employees understand how…

The Notre dame fire
Some health and safety observations from the Notre Dame fire

All eyes were on the Notre Dame fire which gutted the historic Cathedral in Paris. Hundreds of years worth of history were engulfed in flames as the blaze tore through…

Workplace risk assessments myth busting

UK employers are legally obliged to conduct a workplace risk assessment for activities that are likely to cause harm to their workers. Risk assessments are one of the most common…

construction site road safety
Raising standards by making health and safety fun

Health and safety is unsexy and boring. In fact, of all the many factors involved in a project, health and safety is one of the least popular. Media coverage of…

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