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Do you know what the Greenlight on the back of construction machines and other plant is for, like the one shown above the operator’s seat on this dumper in the left photo below?

When that green light flashes, it means the operator has fastened the seat-belt and informs site management from a distance that he is securely clipped in – but that’s not always the case.

Construction Site Dumper Truck
Construction Site Dumper Truck

Look at the photo on the right.

Now I bet you that the fastened seat belt across this seat was not clipped together when the operator got off the dumper, but he did when he first used the machine and the belt is sat on each time it is used.

The Safety Nudge

The Greenlight may be flashing while a machine is been driven around the site, but that does not mean the operator is secured safely in the seat.

It’s not a good habit for operators to get into and needs attention.

The next time you see a flashing green light watch to see if the driver unclips the seat belt and it stops flashing when they get off the machine.