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Online Asbestos Awareness Training course for your business…

Did you know? Asbestos Awareness Training is a legal requirement under the Control of Asbestos Regulations. This online course is designed to help protect workers from exposure to asbestos dust which is generated when Asbestos materials get disturbed.

This Online Asbestos Awareness course covers all the vital points that you as a tradesman need to understand in the workplace.

This essential Online Asbestos Training Course course is for guidance only, you should always follow all industry guidance, and best practises, and the regulations currently in place for asbestos awareness.

Summary of course content

  • Explain the principles of asbestos awareness training
  • The Control of Asbestos Regulations
  • Show you examples of areas that may be Asbestos
  • Explain what to do when Asbestos materials get disturbed
  • Give you knowledge to help you identify Asbestos materials
  • The long term diseases from Asbestos Exposure.

Note that by undertaking this course you will not be permitted, licensed or authorised to remove or repair any asbestos materials under any circumstances.

BOOK NOW 27.50The duration of this online training course is approx 38 minutes (excludes time to take exam) and all delegates get a certificate of competence. You can stop and start the course as and when you like.

And help will be available at all times.

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