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Online DSE Training for better health…

Rubbing your eyes, Straining your neck, Stretching your wrists and massaging your own back, Do these symptoms sound familiar? It’s probably because of excessive use of Display Screen Equipment such as your computer or Laptop. Did you know these symptoms can be causing you long term damage without you even knowing it? This is commonly known as Repetitive Strain Injury, referred to as RSI.

Don’t worry this all may sound very doom and gloom however, these negative effects on your health can easily be prevented, if not stopped, simply by going through some of our effective training on…yes…your screen.

This DSE course has been designed around the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992

  • Who is classed as a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) User?
  • Display Screen Risk assessments.
  • The effects of using Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
  • Illustrates the type of injuries which can be caused by Display Screen Equipment use.
  • Illustrate how injuries caused by Display Screen Equipment (DSE) use can be prevented.
  • Posture: Overview how poor posture can lead to injury, how correct posture can help you.
  • Workstation: Explains how your workstation should look once set up properly.
  • Eye damage: Explain’s how visual display unit’s use can damage your eyes and show you the steps to take in order to avoid the risks associated withDisplay Screen Equipment (DSE) use.
  • Portable VDU: Explains the law and legislation in accordance to computers and other portable devices such as laptops.
  • Exercises: How performing regular exercise can help prevent damage from Display Screen Equipment (DSE) use.

BOOK NOW - 19.50 written on a buttonThe duration of this online training course is approx 38 minutes (excludes time to take exam) and all delegates get a certificate of competence. You can stop and start the course as and when you like.

And help will be available at all times.

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