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Food Safety Awareness Training for your business…

Food Safety awareness Training is important to anyone who handles food and prepares meals in order to ensure that people that eat in your restaurant, fast food outlet or similar do not suffer from food poisoning.

Did you know that over 5.5 million people each year suffer from some type of food poisoning?

This online food safety awareness training course is designed to teach people how to implement a good food regime, explains how to handle and treat food safely from it’s origin up to consumption of the food itself.

Summary of course content

  • Covers Food Safety Regulations and associated law
  • Covers Personal hygiene factors
  • Explains in detail what is Cross contamination and how to avoid it.
  • How to keep surfaces clean and implement cleaning regimes.
  • Explains the different types of Bacteria
  • What you need to do for Pest control

BOOK NOW - 19.50 written on a buttonThe duration of this online training course is approx 38 minutes (excludes time to take exam) and all delegates get a certificate of competence. You can stop and start the course as and when you please.

And help will be available at all times.

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