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Management Asbestos Survey Services

Management Asbestos Surveys replace The Type 2 Asbestos Survey

Standard sampling, identification and assessment survey (sampling survey)

The purpose and procedures used in Management Asbestos Surveys are similar as for the former Type 2 asbestos surveys, in that representative samples are collected and analysed for the presence of asbestos. Samples from each type of suspect ACM found are collected and analysed to confirm or refute the surveyors judgment.

If the material sampled is found to contain asbestos, other similar homogeneous materials used in the same way in the building can be strongly presumed to contain asbestos. Less homogeneous materials will require a greater number of samples.

The number should be sufficient for the surveyor to make an assessment of whether asbestos is or is not present. Sampling may take place simultaneously with the survey, or as in the case of some larger asbestos surveys, can be carried out as a separate exercise, after the asbestos type 1 survey is complete.

Management Asbestos Survey Services for your business within 7 days.

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Management Asbestos Survey Services

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