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NO CSCS Card, NO job: How to get your CSCS Card quickly and access constructions sites

CSCS is an abbreviation for Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

In 1995 CSCS Cards were introduced into the Construction industry, aimed to help the sector improve quality and reduce accidents.

What are CSCS Cards?

A CSCS Card is designed to evidence your Construction Industry Qualifications and is valid for 1, 2, 3 & 5 years.

These days, before access onto Construction sites many Clients, Contractors, Local Governments and others insist workers hold a CSCS Card in order to give evidence that a worker has the relevant Construction Health and Safety knowledge.


Can I get a CSCS Card for my trade?

You’ll be pleased to know that whatever your trade there will always be a CSCS Card available for you once you pass the CSCS test – you can apply for your CSCS Card which costs £30.00.

In a majority of cases, in order to obtain a CSCS Card you would need to have passed a Health and Safety Test within the past 2 years.

Are there exemptions to the CSCS Cards Scheme?

Only, if applying for a CSCS Card for the first time and have a Construction related NVQ or SVQ, City & Guilds or other industry Qualification, may you be exempt and not have to take the Health and Safety Test.

CSCS Card applications forms.

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