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Construction Health and Safety Consultants

As seen on Channel 4 TV

Modern day Health and Safety vs ancient Workplace techniques for TV series “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day”

David CantDavid Cant, Director was approached by a leading British Film production team Darlow Smithson to act as CDM Coordinator and Construction Health and Safety Advisor for the construction of a Roman Villa Urbana ‘ “a Roman town house with high status” – on location of the renowned 4th largest Roman city in Britain, at Wroxeter in Shropshire.

The design for €˜Villa Urbana" was inspired by an actual building excavated at this very important Roman site prepared by Professor Dai Morgan Evans, visiting professor in archaeology at the University of Chester.

Authentic techniques the Roman Way

Rome wasn’t built in a day was filmed during a very hot June 2010 – the main aim behind constructing the Villa (click image to see a bigger picture) was to demonstrate the challenges the romans faced compared to modern day techniques – this included the use of similar tools and construction methods available during their period and it shed new light on how these incredible feats of ancient engineering were achieved.

The villa was built using local materials and suppliers and involved the local community and schools during the building process.

To mark the Romans Leaving Britain

Now complete, €˜Villa Urbana" will mark the 1600th anniversary of the Romans leaving Britain in 410AD and it will greatly enhance the tourist experience at the English Heritage site of Wroxeter. In particular, it will help bring history alive for the many school parties that visit the site each year.

Commented by David cant – CDM Coordinator

It is a very exciting project and I was thrilled to be part of the team and that it is rooted in a place with as rich a history as Wroxeter.

Also featured in the The Daily Mail