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HR Services & Employment Law Advice

HR Services for small businesses in Birmingham, West Midlands and beyond

Preventing people problems for a brighter future

HR Services Birmingham, West MidlandsHR Services & Employment law consultants that can give your organisation a helping hand with the Pandoras box of complex Employment Legislation.

Whether you need assistance with tricky situations such as dismissing an employee to solving Employment Law issues, you can be sure you have the right HR Services behind you.

Are you taking a risk by ignoring Employment Law?

Contact us about our affordable HR Services.

Why outsource your HR Services?

  • We will save you time, and money.
  • We will help you avoid those unwanted costly tribunals.
  • Help you prevent people problems.
  • Take the Human Resource burden away from you.
  • Help you maximise your staff.
  • Allow you freedom to focus on your core business.

At a glance; HR Services to help your business.

  • Rules of Redundancy.
  • Dismissal Procedures.
  • Disciplinary arrangements.
  • Preparation of employee handbooks.
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Working hours
  • Payrol Services
  • Maternity and Paternity allowance
  • Policies and Procedures

HR Services that help reduce your business costs.

Continue reading about Safetynet; our combined flexible package of HR Services and Health and Safety Support designed to help your business with the minefield of Workplace Legislation around today.

Bullet proof your business with Safetynet

The complete HR and Health and Safety Solution for your business!

Health and Safety and Employment Law can be a Pandora ’s Box of complex issues for non-specialists. As a result we have designed Safetynet a package that offers employers a straightforward combined solution for all their Human Resource and Health & Safety needs.

Whatever your Health & Safety and Human Resource requirements, our package helps ensure you stay compliant with Health and Safety Law and Employment law.

Safetynet is designed with small & medium sized businesses in mind.

Can you afford not to use Safetynet?

The benefits of Safetynet.

  • Comprehensive package.
  • Save yourself time and money.
  • A low monthly fee.
  • No hidden surprises.
  • Expert advice when you need it.
  • Peace of mind, and worry free.

Outsource your HR and H&S needs for a small monthly fee.

For affordable HR Services & Employment law consultants – we always communicate openly and honestly so for an informal chat please contact us and ask for Mr Phil Mogg our Employment Law Consultant

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