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Competent Person

A Competent Person – a service for your business thats reliable and easily affordable

When you own a business, it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone who works for your company is safe and healthy in the workplace. Not only do you have to maintain a healthy workplace, you also have to make sure your employees meet goals and that your company profits each month. Overseeing all of the operations in your business can be nearly impossible without a little help. If you fail to oversee some of the most important aspects of the business it can get very costly.

As you might know, you have to follow health and safety procedures and comply legally to avoid being fined or closed down. If you are struggling to handle everything, a competent person service may be able to help you keep everything in line. Learn how a competent person service will help you legally comply and manage everything that deals with health and safety.

Easily affordable, flexible Competent Person Service packages for your business

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Why choose our Competent Person Service?

You might be wondering what is involved when a health and safety consultancy offering competent person service for your company. Simply download the above brochure this outlines the competent person service packages available.

For a manageable monthly fee Veritas Consulting provide this service to businesses throughout the UK. Our consultants are experts in health and safety legislation and they also can advise you when you need to be advised.

Our consultants know what the law says and they will communicate the law to you in a way that you can understand it. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations says that you, as a business, are required to appoint one or more Competent Persons to assist the company with Health and Safety. Why not appoint the right people the first time for the health of your company and the safety of your employees.

What Will a Competent Person Do to Help my Business?

Now that you know where you can find a Competent Person that you can appoint your business, you might be wondering just what the professional will do to help you. A Competent Person service package includes a number of different services in one. The professional will review your health and safety policies and procedures on an annual basis to make sure that they comply with legislation. If changes need to made, the policies will be amended so you are never fined for failing to comply.

The Competent Person will also provide advice and support in all Health and Safety matters while the consultancy office is open. In the event you need advice when the office is not open, you may need to pay a higher fee. The professionals will also complete their own routine inspections and will make recommendations for improvement. If there are any updates in the legislation, the Competent Person will make up newsletters and attend committee meetings so everyone on management level is informed.

Keeping up with legislation changes can be very difficult when you are handling so much at once. Appoint Veritas Consulting as your Competent Person who you can trust to keep you up-to-date on legislation changes in your area and you can avoid common pitfalls many businesses face.