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About David Cant and his approach to Social Media

Welcome, fellow Tweeters and other Social media folks.. (Why I use Twitter)

David Cant on Twitter and Social mediaThank you for clicking the URL in my Twitter profile. I can only assume that you’re curious to learn more about me so, here are a few insights to give you a flavour on who I am and what I do.

I’m a Chartered Construction Safety and Health Practitioner & registered Consultant on OSHCR . I’m behind Veritas Consulting Safety Services Ltd an established Health and Safety Consultancy based in Birmingham West Midlands.

I’m 40+ living in Solihull. I’m married to Helen and together we have wonderful daughter (born 2010).

I’ve had 15 minutes of “TV fame” when I was fortunate enough to appear on Channel 4 TV as the CDM Coordinator for “Rome wasn’t built in a day” learn more

I’m ranked in the TOP 5 on The Health and Safety Top 500  and Proud to be voted 56th most influential Twitter user by The Birmingham Mail to have the biggest impact on busnesses and individuals across the UK. I’m also ranked in the Top 1% of Social Media users. right here

Why I use Twitter…

I like to discover and follow a broad range of interesting and influential people on Twitter who regularly engage and willingly share a blend of their resources, encouragement and attention grabbing Tweets. And most of them follow me back.

Thanks to Twitter I build lasting relationships through engaging in conversation, sharing the knowledge, experience and wisdom of these people from the valuable content they publish every day. My Tweets offer a refreshing blend of Business, pleasure and even a sprinkle of harmless banter, of which I hope will inform, offer good advice, challenge or even amuse you.

What’s your Raison d’etre on Twitter…

Twitter is all about making new connections and engaging in conversation so let’s get Social! and jump right in with a challenge – Can you summarise your personal / business interests and what makes you unique in a single Tweet to me @DavidgCant.

My Twitter Follow-back Policy…

I carefully review the profile of each person or business that has followed and will follow those who:

  • Humour me
  • Engage with me
  • Inspire me
  • Educate me
  • Interest me

Please don’t send me any auto marketing DMs (by that I mean No Sales, No Promotion and No Spam) because I’m highly likely to unfollow you.

And before you go…

Please do spare a minute and explore the rest of Veritas Consulting for an insight to the home of the “Human side of Business”.

And you can follow me right here


Director at Veritas Consulting. The SME's favourite go-to consultant for health and safety know-how. Bucket loads of experience. Fluent in practical advice. Solutionist with a brain you can pick.

You can find him across Social media - Twitter and Facebook also Linkedin

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