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5 Fictitious Doctors You’d Actually Visit
Posted by David Cant on March 13, 2010

You’ve probably watched your favorite medical dramas and thought about how you’d love to see some of these doctors in the real world. Though there are some that may be a big turn off, these doctors are ones that you’d actually like to visit and may learn a thing or two from.

  1. Dr. Derek Shepherd: You’ve loved him on Grey’s Anatomy for years and therefore wish that you could see him in everyday life. You would love to see his cute face firsthand, but it’s more than that. Dr. Shepherd seems so compassionate to his patients and always seems to work through whatever problem comes at him. We don’t just love him for his amazingly good looks, but also the care that he brings to his patients. He is a great doctor on TV and therefore seems to be one that you’d enjoy seeing in your everyday life. Trust goes a long way, especially when combined with good looks!
  1. Dr. Addison Montgomery: She just seems to be a cool character which automatically makes you like him right off the bat. Dr. Montgomery also seems to be one of the most knowledgeable out there and is considered to be an expert in her field. She brings great care and expertise to her patients and seems to be an easy doctor to talk to. You love the character that she portrays and she appears to be a phenomenal character that you would love to put your trust into if it were the real world.
  1. Dr. Gregory House: Sure he just oozes sarcasm and wit, but he also happens to know what he’s doing too. He’s funny, he’s a little off sometimes, and his tactics may be a bit unusual. However he also happens to be quite knowledgeable and knows how to take things seriously when push comes to shove. So though his sarcasm may be tough to get used to at first, you know that there comes a great attitude towards medicine and patient care and that’s a huge draw.
  1. Dr. Mark Green: He was such a popular character on ER for so many years because he was so real. You saw how down to earth he was in his everyday life, but you also saw how much he brought to the patients that he saw too. He could jump into any crisis and help to heal patients with the seemingly most difficult health situation. He’s definitely somebody that you could trust and probably like very much if he were your doctor in everyday life.
  1. Dr. Elliot Reid: We’ve all watched her on Scrubs for years and followed along with her sometimes zany antics. Though she may be a bit goofy sometimes, she also happens to be one that you could trust on the outside. She is a good doctor and seems to be somebody that you could honestly say that you’d like very much too.

Though not all doctors are created equally in the world of television, some stand out from the crowd. These doctors offer good personality and an expertise that you’d trust on the outside.

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