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ACOP C Guide for CDM Coordinators
Posted by David Cant on February 18, 2009

 ACOP – Approved  Code of Practice C Guide for CDM Coordinators

The Association for project safety (APS) have produced a a very useful publication ” The Guide to the Management of  CDM Coordination” which follows the same style and format as the original guide for Planning Supervisors under the old CDM regulations 1994 but it has been mapped against the new CDM Regulations 2007 and ACOP (approved code of practice, brought sharply up-to-date and covers the issues that a CDM Coordinator need to take into account.

Where as most CDM related publications on the market today explain what the regulations are about and how they should work – the APS CDM – C Guide covers how they can be made to work and what may need to be done to ensure that various duties are discharged.

The CDM Coordinator guide also provides some guidance on what to do when all is going to plan, when others are not doing what they are supposed to do and when the project or process is not quite as clear cut as the regulations assume!

The guide is available to members of the APS at a discounted  price of £76 ( as against the “shop price of “£101) and also includes the whole document on CD-ROM.


If you havn’t bought it yet ask yourself “Can i afford to be without it?”


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