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Health and Safety Christmas Time
Posted by David Cant on December 8, 2009
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Get ready for the Christmas Holidays

With the holiday season almost upon us at both home and work, it’s time to review your safety equipment.

At work we comply because of professionalism and regulations! But what about at home. Do you have a First Aid kit handy, or even a Fire Extinguisher and Smoke alarms? These are all low cost items that could mean the difference between happy holidays and miserable ones!

Do you have any burn gel in the kitchen? And have you read your First Aid book lately. Your local Ambulance Service receive a higher volume of Emergency calls over the holiday period then at any other time of year.

Slips trips and falls, Choking and Burns are the most common household injuries. Finally check your medicine cabinet (over eating!)

Holiday cover

And while we are on the subject of preparing for the Holidays it’s also time at work for a Holiday and New Year review of your trained staff and team members.

People take various breaks and holiday leave at this time and it’s important to check you have enough trained personnel, especially if you are involved in a 24 hour type operation.

Ensure that your trained First Aiders have been briefed as to their duty periods. And although it may take a quick list compilation it’s good to know that you are ready and prepared.

Winter Flu

Carefully monitor anyone with flu this year, as the Swine Flu issue is still high on the public health agenda.

Make sure they check with their Doctor or Walk in Centre if their symptoms persist

Go to the NHS website or helpline for further advice.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Do take slips and falls seriously! With the colder weather, ice, leaves and slippery pavements can cause what appear to be minor falls. However too many people shrug off bruised knees and aching backs as a ‘minor’ problem when in fact they may be much worse.

If you receive information that any staff, clients/customers/ etc have fallen, it is best to thoroughly investigate.

Compensation Firms

Finally, remember, the television is now awash with firms chasing many accident claim.

Good use of the Accident Book and record taking is your best defence!


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One Comment

  1. January 4, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Your post certainly rings true for me. I managed to get a nasty burn on my arm whilst taking food out of the oven on Christmas day and guess what, when I checked the medicine cabinet I had no burn gel. With no shops open I was left in a lot of pain the whole day. I will be more prepared next year.

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