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Looking Back… And Resolutions For 2015 – Part 1
Posted by David Cant on January 5, 2015

Looking Back… And Resolutions For 2015 – Part 1

Health and safety at work 2015We’re all set to rip out the old year off the calendar, have a hearty round of Auld Lang Syne and party like it’s… 2014…

And of course – it’s time to make some resolutions too!

While we can’t all promise to skip the pies and load up on veggies instead, we can definitely try to have a healthier and safer 2015.

So to kick off the new year, let’s recap 6 of the biggest clangers from the past 12 months – and what we could do to avoid them happening again!


The New Year started off in typical style – with a Cheshire cheese firm being fined after a worker fell – from the forks of a forklift truck!

What was he was doing standing on a forklift? It’s baffling. Not to mention – illegal.

So let’s avoid any bonkers and dangerous stunts in 2015!


It may be the month of lurve – but we saw a spate of lead poisoning cases in February. From a stained glass artist who wound up in hospital after repairing windows, to an alloy firm working with molten lead.

Brush up on lead protection – and make sure you have proper clothing and ventilation to avoid poisoning.


March was marred by tragedies. Take the case of a Preston building worker – killed by a reversing van outside a cinema.

The firm’s biggest mistake? The lack of a proper risk assessment and control measures to keep construction vehicles away from public spaces.

So this year, don’t skimp on your risk assessments! Make sure you cover everything fully.


Luckily, not every incident has to end badly – as a 16 year old apprentice who just managed to swerve out of danger’s way after falling four metres from a fragile rooflight.

Without a harness or proper indications or coverings for the risky rooflight, that was a serious hazard just waiting to happen.

If you’re working from heights regularly – you really can’t go wrong with careful planning!

But that’s not good enough on its own. You better make sure you provide all essentials measures and precautions!


2014 seemed plagued by rogue gas installers! In May, a 75 year old self-described installer found himself in a tight spot when he tried to fit in a new boiler – with no clue what to do!

Rather than admitting the truth – he slogged on with it, leaving people potentially at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning.

You might not know every engineer who comes over – but it’s worth having a chat with one before getting them to do anything, to judge their skills.

And if you’re working with gas, make sure anyone you employ is a Gas Safe registered engineer!


June finished off with a birthday – the 40th of the Health and Safety At Work Act, in fact!

While we didn’t get to have any candles and cake – it was definitely an anniversary worth celebrating. 40 years of safer and healthier workplaces?

Here’s to many more!

Have you got any resolutions for 2015 yet? Let us know!


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