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Love to Cook? Make Sure You Keep Your Kitchen Safe!
Posted by David Cant on February 16, 2015

Love to Cook? Make Sure You Keep Your Kitchen Safe!

fire alarm pictureDid you know that 60% of accidental fires in homes start in the kitchen?

Food for thought – definitely.

While we have fun cooking up a storm, a lot of us lose track of making sure we stay safe while doing it!

So how can you cut out the risk of fires and keep your family safe – in case the worst does happen? Read on to find out.

Watch that chip pan!

Nothing beats a crispy, golden homemade chip. Mmm!

But as much as we love that chip pan – it’s actually one of the most common causes of fire-related injuries in Blighty. In fact – a whopping 43% of chip pan accidents happened between 8pm and 4pm in 2006. And nearly three quarters of kitchen fires in total are cooking related.

So how can we cut down those pretty awful numbers?

First thing – leave the plonk for dinner time. A lot of those kitchen fires start when people have been drinking alcohol – perhaps because their mind wasn’t quite on the job at hand…

It’s also a good idea to cut out other unnecessary distractions. You might be a whizz with a paring knife, but don’t try to chat on the phone, watch TV, and entertain the kids all at the same time!

And here’s some practical advice for you chip-lovers. Before frying anything, dry off any water. Turn off the pan if starts to smoke – and once you’re done, let it cool down before clearing up. Cold water on hot fat? That’s a perfect recipe – for disaster!

If there’s a fire

Even though it still gets passed around, the old advice about chip pan fires – to chuck a wet tea towel on it – was actually scrapped by the UK government, way back in 2008.

Why? Because most of us simply aren’t trained or equipped to deal with the physical and psychological impact of a blazing fire.

So what should you do? Simple. Get. Out. Stay out. Call 999 and ask for help.

Don’t try to be a hero! You could get seriously hurt or even killed if you can’t control the fire.

Get the right protection

Another essential ingredient in keeping your home safe?

The right equipment, of course! Smoke alarms are absolutely vital – they should be on every floor of the home.

Don’t just stick them up and hope you’re covered. You need to check the batteries every week – a flat battery won’t do you any good in a fire.

Of course, don’t put a smoke detector in the kitchen. Even a whiff of steam can trigger them – instead, your better option is a heat detector, which will pick up on fires.

Did you know that not all fires are the same?

This is why you should also have the three main types of extinguishers close at hand – powder, water and foam – and make sure you’re clued up on which one to use, and how to use that type of extinguisher.

You can also get domestic fire sprinkler alternative fitted in your home. These add a great extra boost to home security by fitting seamlessly into your home, without any hassle. The best part is that they respond fast – if there’s a fire, it’ll quickly kick in and put it out or reduce it

Have you ever dealt with any fire issues in the home? How do you keep safe? Let us know!


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