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Public Liability insurance: European Campaign for Safety and Health at Work
Posted by David Cant on November 3, 2011
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Public Liability insurance

European Health and Safety Week took place again between 24 and 28 October this year, with the specific and sole aim, as always, of raising awareness of the need for health and safety in the workplace, and reducing Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance cost for businesses of all sizes.

The European Agency for Safety and Health describing the week-long annual campaign as being “Aimed at people in organisations, companies and workplaces of all sizes and sectors. Everybody involved in occupational safety and health matters is invited to take part, especially safety and health institutions and occupational insurance organisations, trade unions and employers’ organisations, companies, managers, employees and safety representatives.”

The two-year campaign is being aimed at a vast range of stakeholders, including employers, employees and health and safety representatives, and is intended to highlight the benefits of carrying out and implementing the findings of a risk assessment.

The campaign seeks to clarify and make more accessible the standard risk assessment procedure in order to demonstrate that risk assessment doesn’t have to be complex, a bureaucratic nightmare or a task reserved only for the so-called experts.

And not only this, but the campaign is also aimed at raising awareness regarding health and safety and its necessity in the modern workplace, identifying and recognising good practice, and imparting knowledge and practical tips that will work to encourage behaviours that have a truly positive impact within the workplace.

The primary theme of this year’s campaign was based on maintenance work, which affects every sector and is, contrary to popular assumption, not the sole province of mechanics, fitters and tradesmen, but encompasses a wide range of workers.

This year’s campaign was aimed at underlining many of the risks associated with both reactive maintenance and routine maintenance, such as asbestos poisoning and other forms of industrial disease, falls from height, injury through using incorrect methods, materials or tools, and incorrect health and safety implementation, to name but a few examples.

Similarly, if an employer neglects to carry out routine maintenance works, this can also generate new hazards and expose employees to an entirely different set of risk factors. The week was run by the European Agency for Safety and Health, which has published on its site lots of news, learning materials and engagement activities, and the week here in Britain was overseen by the Health and Safety Executive.


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  1. November 10, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    This is a superb campaign that will be of great benefit to businesses as they try to make the working conditions of their workforce ever safer. This should be able to also help save a lot of money for businesses.

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