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Written by
on 11 August 2010


Since the role of the CDM Coordinator began, the objective has been to ensure that efficiency is at the heart of the CDM Coordinator Services we provide, Quality in the way we approach design risk management, quality in the way we organise and conduct ourselves and, above all, doing our best to ensure that the client receives the best advice and guidance they pay for.”

It is vital we believe that the role of CDM Coordinator is one that warrants in-depth knowledge of the construction process, careful attention to detail, an ethos of assessment and recording of salient information and the desire to ensure that performance and quality are paramount.

All these qualities exist within Veritas Consulting in our daily work and add to our performance as CDM Coordinators.

Our attitude to the role is a practical one – we believe in ensuring paperwork is precise and concise. This helps site operatives and management react more readily. Our emphasis is very much on the practical effects of Health and Safety control, rather than paper for paper’s sake.

Veritas Consulting have been successfully carried out the role of CDM Coordinator on a wide range of major and minor construction projects. We have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to ensure successful service delivery to our clients regardless of the size or complexity of the construction project.

Veritas Consulting are registered CDM Coordinators, but what does it mean to you? being registered CDM Coordinators means that we can demonstrate Design Risk Management skills and a deep knowledge of construction because we belong to The Association for Project Safety – the regulating body.

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David Cant is a Director at Veritas Consulting. The SME’s favourite go-to consultant for health and safety know-how. Bucket loads of experience. Fluent in practical advice. Solutionist with a brain you can pick. You can find him across social media on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.