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Written by
on 08 January 2015


The Effect of Asbestos Worldwide

The amount of deaths asbestos has caused is incredible. Its use across the world has been curtailed in recent years but it is still being used in many developing countries. Thousands of people are still dying from exposure to asbestos.

What is amazing is despite asbestos being widely reported as causing cancer, it is still being used. The sad truth is that the effects of asbestos may take up to 40 years from exposure to cancer diagnosis. As a result of this a massive amount of asbestos related deaths are expected by 2030.

This info-graphic from Mission Safety Services tells you everything you need to know about this epidemic we are still dealing with today. It really is amazing that when the evidence is so clear about the detrimental effect of asbestos exposure, it is still being widely used.

The Effect of Asbestos Worldwide - An Infographic from Mission Safety Services

Embedded from Mission Safety Services

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  • It is sad to hear that asbestos is still being used in some parts of the world. There should be proper education given to these individuals when it comes to screening construction materials for asbestos, as well as the dangers to health when exposed to asbestos fibers.

    If education did not limit the use of asbestos, then countries should impose strict regulations when it comes to use of construction materials.

  • Megan says:

    Thank you for sharing this informative article. It is very worrying that asbestos is still being used, especially with the amount of dangers and warnings about asbestos.
    Great info-graphics!