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The Importance of First Aid Training in the Workplace
Posted by David Cant on August 6, 2012

Why exactly is First Aid in the workplace important? Hang on wake up now this is really interesting. Nah I’m lying. Well okay actually it isn’t that interesting it’s as dull as Nick Clegg but it is very important information. So for god’s sake listen up. Well for one thing First Aid training and equipment provision is a legal requirement for your company no matter how small and secondly it helps you avoid getting tied up in litigation!

Essential First Aid Training

We live in this new brave new world of “where there’s a claim there’s a blame” and other such charming slogans. Remember Claim Lawyers are looked down on by leeches who find them just too parasitical but still they thrive! Now as a Training company we advise all our clients and tell them and their students exactly how to deliver First Aid and the other legal aspects of its delivery.

But still the lawsuits pile up. Usually because a First Aider didn’t make an accident report and occasionally because people just do dumb things (ie leave open trapdoors to cellars and that sort of thing) Yup dumb people who we shall now use the medical term for, you know morons. So if your company has such folk involved in any areas of First Aid make sure they get thorough training AND REMIND THEM OF IT REGULARLY.

Hopefully your team will never use their First Aid skills but if they do remember a few salient facts as to why you need them A) They may need to do First Aid on you! B) They protect you from being sued C) They can prevent fellow staff being off work for long periods D) It’s great PR when you help a customer or a client E) You are complying with the law F) It’s the right thing to do – how would you feel if your friends or family were hurt in a place that didn’t have First Aiders? Dull enough for you?

A Guest post by Mr Phil Ryan a First Aid Instructor from MSA Training


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