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Architects – How Much Money is BIM Saving You?
Posted by David Cant on September 1, 2014

Is Building Information Modelling making its Mark?

Words of BIM, ConstructionBIM is booming in construction.

Contractors expect the percentage of their work that uses BIM to increase by 50% on average over the next 2 years alone.

Why is BIM so popular?  Because it Gives You 59% More Money!

First and foremost, BIM is saving contractors lots of money.  In the UK, 59% of contractors report a positive return on investment (ROI) from BIM, according to a worldwide BIM report by McGraw Hill Construction.

And that’s at the low end among other countries using BIM.  The US contractors say they’re getting a 74% ROI, Japan, Germany and France 97%!  Such high figures make even the UK’s incredible 59% ROI look small.

And it seems to show there’s even more potential for savings for UK architects and contractors if others are doing so well.

Overall, three quarters of construction companies report a positive ROI on using BIM, and also have a nice clear idea of how to increase this further.

If you’re not sure exactly what BIM is read this introduction post. and look out for our detailed BIM guidance posts coming soon.

Top 5 Benefits of BIM, According to Contractors

Contractors are reporting these benefits at the top they get from using BIM in construction.  Each and every one boosts your bottom line!

  1. Less Errors and Omissions (41%)

Of course, the digital modelling of construction projects from start to finish that BIM allows architects, including  simulation of processes to check for hazards.  All this drastically knocks down human error and accidental omission of all sorts of things.

Like any area of life we digitize, the computers do it more accurately.  Errors and the rework they require are costly.  So this benefit is a huge boost to your profits.

  1. Collaborating with Owners & Design Firms (35%)

Communication in construction just got so much simpler.  A picture says a thousand words.  And a complete, accurate, 3D interactive digital model says even more.  Leading to smoother, easier delivery.

  1. Enhancing Your Organisation’s Image

Linked to the communication benefit, BIM makes you look slick.  And no mistake.  Clients, prepare to be impressed!  And impressed clients means more business.

  1. Reducing Rework (31%)

The positive impact of less rework (mainly due to mistakes or miscalculations) is possibly the biggest factor on the project’s cost.  Another great BIM bonus.

  1. Reduced Construction Cost (23%)

No need to explain this one!  The reduced costs come from a whole array of factors.

Health and Safety BIM Savings

Of course, there is a great cost to accidents and health hazards on construction sites, which every builder must bear.  Both in taking safety measures and the cost when accidents occur.

BIM is a huge industry-wide boom to health and safety, which is why we are so excited about it!

In reducing the risks through hazard-identification at the design stage automatically and with simulations, reducing the human error that causes so many accidents, and making communication so much easier – through all these things BIM is saving workers from harm.

And putting more money in your pocket at the same time.

Everybody wins with BIM!

Any questions?  Ask, we’d be happy to talk.

Watch out for our next posts with detailed guidance to BIM and how to use it.


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