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Gas Work carried out Illegally puts lives at risk
Posted by David Cant on June 21, 2011

It doesn’t take a health and safety consultant to tell you that gas is dangerous.  If you have any type of gas work performed in your home or work place it is essential that the work is carried out by someone who is registered and trained to do so.  The same goes if you are providing a service, you must make sure you hold the relevant paperwork and qualifications which prove you are fully capable of working safely with gas.

Solihull Man Worked Illegally

Unfortunately not everyone takes this seriously and the health and safety services advice and legalities are ignored. Some workers will still accept jobs working with gas even when they should not be anywhere near it.

This was the case of Solihull based worker David Jackson. He took the job of visiting an elderly lady’s home where he happily installed a gas fire and a gas heater.  He told the client that he was fully CORGI registered and therefore she believed he was skilled and registered to work on her gas appliances during March 2008.

The elderly lady was concerned about the work which was carried out by Mr Jackson and raised her concerns.  The health and safety executive decided to investigate Mr Jacksons work along with the Gas Safe Register.  They discovered that Mr Jackson falsely filled out a quote and an invoice with a CORGI registration number which didn’t match with records.  As it turned out Mr Jackson was not registered and therefore the work he carried out was illegal.

Fines for Working on Gas Appliances

Mr Jackson pleaded guilty in front of the Nuneaton Magistrates’ Court. He breached two sections of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1988. Regulation 3(3) states that no one whether employed or self-employed should work with gas fitting or pipework unless they have been classed as an approved person.  Regulation 3(7) states that no one should give false details pretending to be a class approved person allowed to work with gas. Mr Jackson received a £400 fine and £500 costs.

Never Play with Gas

At the time of the incident all gas fitters and servicers needed to be registered with CORGI before they were allowed to work with gas.  This has now changed and health and safety consultants will now inform you that you must be registered with the HSE approved body, Gas Safe Register.  If you have any work carried out in your home it is possible to check the workers Gas Safe Register ID card and can contact the Register to check the details.

Health and safety services are in place to help you prevent injuries, illnesses and even deaths. Badly installed gas appliances can lead to explosions and poisoning. If you work with gas you must ensure you are fully qualified to do so.  Check with Veritas Consultants to ensure you are working within the law in any industry.  Call 0800 1488 677 for further information.


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