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temperature guage
Can you legally take time off because of hot weather?

Can you legally take time off because of hot weather? Summer is certainly here – is there a legal limit when it comes to working in high temperatures? Having recently…

man cutting a tree branch
When employees sabotage their own health and safety

A group of builders has found a loophole in the rules banning shorts on their site – but it’s not as funny as they think. Several U.K. newspapers picked up…

Biometrics in Construction
Could biometric technology help improve construction health and safety

Although it has existed for years, biometrics technology has been restricted to projects requiring the highest levels of security. This has mainly been down to cost – projects like the…

Man measuring Stacked Letters spelling risk assessment
5 ways health and safety will make you rich

There are many excuses given by businesses being prosecuted for health and safety failings, but a desire to cut costs is a very common reason. And yes, there is a…

Men at work in Construction
Improvement in Construction Safety is Vital

According to a recent study, more than half of UK workers lack the basic knowledge to keep themselves safe in the workplace. People from a range of industries including construction,…

health and wellbeing distraught construction worker
“Funny” video is actually a collection of health and safety nightmares

A video circulating on Twitter recently looks like a harmless workplace prank – but it could have been a disaster. Workplace pranks are social media gold – which is why…

man rolling the dice
The workplace is no place for risks

Risk-taking is unacceptable when it comes to issues of health and safety, but why do some people still do it, and how can you move away from a risk-taking culture?…

New Health and Safety apprenticeship announced

The UK marketplace is no stranger to skill shortages, but for the first time, lives could be at risk (outside the healthcare industry). The shortage this time is in the…

Health and safety advice from a UN weapons inspector

A UN weapons inspector may be used to working with bioweapons – but their health and safety advice is still useful. The Guardian newspaper recently ran a report on accidents…

Grumpy old judge
Finally! The Supreme Court resolves tribunal confusion

A recent decision by the Supreme Court should help to reduce time and cost of overturning an incorrect prohibition order. Businesses issued with HSE prohibition notices in error will find…

Lessons Learned
Lessons from history – the Sampoong department store disaster

The collapse of a department store building 28 years ago still has lessons for construction contractors today. The Sampoong Department Store collapse is one of the worst peacetime disasters in…

Construction worker in dust mask
How to choose the right dust masks for your team

Dust masks are an essential item of personal protective equipment (PPE), preventing workers from contracting potentially fatal occupational diseases. Choice of a mask (or respirator) is actually a matter of…