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old and worn hard hats
Construction site safety over the Christmas break

Many sites shutdown between Christmas and New Year – here’s your checklist for increasing construction site safety over that period. The gap between Christmas and New Year is the perfect…

Robotics in construction
Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the Construction Industry

Technology is already changing the way we work – but does it threaten jobs in the construction industry? Technology has dramatically changed the workplace in recent years, and several industries…

Man with Melon and Goggles
Has health and safety gone too far?

People often say “health and safety has gone too far”. But are they right? Complaints about health and safety are increasingly common; criticism from tabloid newspapers is increasingly loud and…

Architects discussing construction fire safety
Improving Construction Site Fire Safety

London Fire Brigade chiefs are calling for more to be done to prevent fires on construction sites. Ever since the Grenfell Tower tragedy claimed the lives of 71 people, fire…

Health and Safety Statistics
How are the new HSE sentencing guidelines working out?

When HSE sentencing guidelines were strengthened, we predicted a large rise in fines – now we review the evidence. As part of a continued commitment to raising standards, sentences for…

Men at work in Construction
What are the most dangerous jobs on a construction site?

Construction remains one of the most dangerous industries in the UK – the HSE recorded 43 construction-related deaths between 2015 and 2016. All jobs on a construction site carry an…

How to fake health and safety documentation

First, let’s be clear – learning how to fake health and safety documentation is a really, really bad idea. AKA how to earn yourself a jail sentence by faking health…

man and lady sitting at desks
Your desk is killing you

The British economy is increasingly service driven, which means that more of us are spending the working day sat at a desk. Although many people will assume that office jobs…

Health and safety scrabble board
Workplace deaths increase in Northern Ireland

Disturbing news from Northern Ireland as workplace deaths increase by 30% in one year. Figures published by HSENI show that workplace deaths in Northern Ireland increased by 30% during 2016/17….

poor air quality testing
Poor air quality – the forgotten productivity killer

Good air quality is essential to employee productivity – so why do so many employers overlook it? Air quality is a crucial factor in employee productivity and wellbeing – but…

Man whispering in ladies ear
Horrific industrial Penis accident is a warning to men everywhere

A man from Gloucestershire is recovering in hospital after suffering one of the most painful (and embarrassing) workplace injuries ever. Somehow, the man involved managed to cut off his own…

Health and safety an school shoes
The Annual Saga of the School Shoes

Every year kids are sent home for wearing the wrong uniform – but it’s not usually a health and safety issue. Every year, at the beginning of September, hundreds (thousands?)…