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The Health and Safety Advantages of a Construction NVQ
Posted by David Cant on October 3, 2011
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The Construction Industry is an employment sector that is constantly developing and evolving, and it currently employs over 2 million workers in the UK. At present there are more construction health and safety measures in place than ever before and the industry now prides itself on employing competent and safe site workers.

Qualifications, health and safety procedures, experience and card schemes all play a part in creating a less hazardous construction industry and ensuring that workers on site are competent and skilled. Studying a construction NVQ not only gives you the qualifications required to do your job and acquire a CSCS card, but it also teaches you the fundamental aspects of site safety. With a construction NVQ your employer can be confident that you understand how to carry out your work safely and correctly.

In terms of valued qualifications, the construction NVQ is seen as the industry standard for all site workers, labourers and tradesman. It is the minimum requirement for a CSCS card and it is also used as the main training scheme for the majority of construction related Apprenticeships. The construction NVQ is a work-based qualification so most of the learning you do will take place on site or in the work place and as most construction sites have potential hazards a large part of your training will include learning about construction health and safety.

Anyone who has worked on a construction site will know it has the potential to be a risky environment therefore it is important you stay alert, identify any impending hazards, work safely and have the right training. The advantage of undertaking a construction NVQ is that you will learn about construction hazards and how to eliminate them or significantly decrease the risk.

There are multiple construction related NVQ’s available which cover a wide variety of construction occupations but no matter which construction NVQ you choose health and safety education will be a significant part of your training. Some of the units you will cover in your construction NVQ relate directly to Health and Safety, including topics such as, Conforming to General Workplace Safety, Conforming to Efficient Work Practices and the Safe Moving and Handling of Resources.

Site safety and the elimination of hazards and risks are areas that are highly prioritised in the construction industry and as a potential employee the health and safety knowledge you have learnt in your construction NVQ you will definitely give you the advantage in the workplace.


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  1. October 27, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    If people could wear the Protective clothing that they needed that would help a lot. There are Protective Clothing such as Disposable Coveralls, Head Socks, Lens Covers, and Goggles.

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