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Camera Highlights Safety Failings of Construction Worker
Posted by David Cant on June 1, 2012

The Importance of using Safety Equipment

The owner of a roofing company based in Suffolk was caught red handing putting lives at risk.  He was filmed operating a disc cutter on top of a roof he was working on without using any safety equipment.  One of his employees was also on the roof at the time the disc cutter was in use, he too had no safety equipment on and there were no safety measures being carried out to reduce risks.

Member of the Public Reported the Incident and Captured Work in Progress

Antony Nightingale, director of his roofing firm, 3A Roofing, was filmed by a concerned member of the public waling by the property in Dennington.  The person who recorded the unsafe work then contacted the Health and Safety Executive and reported the incident. The HSE followed up the report and decided to prosecute Mr Nightingale for putting lives at risk and breaching health and safety laws.

The HSE discovered that there were no roof ladders adequate for working at height in use.  Roof ladders are necessary so the ridge of the roof is safely reached. Instead Mr Nightingale and his worker were clambering up the tiled roof to reach the ridge. They were also witnessed walking on the edge of the roof where there was no safety measures placed to stop them from falling off.

Guilty Plea at Ipswich Magistrates Court

Mr Nightingale pleaded guilty to breaching the Work at height Regulations at Ipswich Magistrates Court.  Elizabeth Fowle, a Health and Safety Executive said that Mr Nightingale was risking the life of his employee and his own life by not having safety measures in place.  Ms Fowle was astonished that the director of 3A Roofing thought that working on the roof using machinery was acceptable without the use of safety measures and equipment.  He was fined £1,300 and must pay £3,000 in costs and an additional £15 victim surcharge.

Falls from Height Continue to be a Risk

Falls from height are responsible for the most deaths in the workplace in the United Kingdom.  In 2010-2011 there were 15 deaths and over 4,000 severe injuries.  Roofers and anyone working in the construction industry must follow the Work at Height Regulations and reduce the risks to try and stop employees from being seriously injured or killed.

This case shows that directors and owners will be taken to court and prosecuted if they are discovered to be putting loves at risk. By law all employers must have measures in place to prevent anyone falling and being injured.  Health and Safety Consultants are able to advise all owners on their legal and moral duties.  There are many health and safety services available designed for people in the construction industry, and anyone that is responsible for people working at heights.

To discuss the services and any concerns you may have you can contact the health and safety consultants directly. Call 0800 1488 677 and discover how you can improve your health and safety record and work to follow the laws and prevent prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive.


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