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Gas Engineer Gave False Credentials
Posted by David Cant on June 1, 2012
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CORGI Registered Claim Falsified

A gas man has been prosecuted after it was discovered work carried out on a gas boiler was done so under false pretences.  Jeffrey Malsen from Somerset claimed he was CORGI registered when he installed a gas boiler and flue. CORGI was the industry body at the time of the incident, 2009. Before the Gas Safe Register took over CORGI it was necessary by law to be registered with CORGI in order to carry out the job.

Mr Malsen was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive. As he wasn’t formally qualified to carry out the work he lied on the paperwork relating to the work he carried out in Bristol claiming he was fully registered.  This act was illegal and therefore the HSE had no other option than to order him before North Avon Magistrates Court.

The work the Mr Malsen performed in the property was inadequate. The flue which was installed along with the gas boiler was inadequate.  The flue had broken in the attic which put the inhabitants of the property at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odourless and tasteless gas that can lead to loss of life.

Breaching Three Regulations Leads to Costs, 100 Hours Community Service and Curfew

As the gasman had lied and performed potentially deadly work he was charged with breaking many Regulations of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations of 1998 which were:

  • Regulation 3(3) – Anyone working on gas fittings or pope service must be a member of the class of approved persons as decided by the HSE
  • Regulation 3(7) – No worker should pretend to be a member of the class of approved persons.
  • Regulation 27(1) – The flue should not be installed unless it is in suitable condition to ensure the safety of the appliance

Mr Malsen pleaded guilty and was ordered to obey an eight week curfew between the hours of 8pm and 7.30am.  He also has a 12 month community order and must pay the costs of £1,412.50.

Check Any Gas Man Working on Your property

The occupants living in the house where Mr Malsen carried out the work could have easily lost their lives. When you have a gas engineer entering your property to carry out work you must ensure they are registered on the Gas Safety Register. The Gas Safety Register took over CORGI in 2009 and is the HSE approved class of persons.

All registered gasmen will have an ID card which can be checked. Look to see that the ID card is still in date. If you are a gasman it is essential that you get registered with the Has Safety Register before you perform any work on gas fittings or pipework.  This case could have resulted in the loss of life of the occupants very easily. Protect yourself and your customers by working within the law, following the Regulations of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations.

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One Comment

  1. Stephen Ross
    June 19, 2012 at 10:41 am

    Good post and very informative. I never new things like this could happen, I will make sure to do a check up before bringing them in. Thanks

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