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Written by
on 12 October 2011


The construction trade have long been known for the hazardous nature of the work. In an effort to dampen down the accident rate on construction projects, the Construction Design and Management Regulations were updated to provide a more comprehensive control authority. A key part of the CDM regulations is the increased responsibilities bestowed upon CDM Coordinators.

CDM – Construction Design and Management  Coordinators

CDM Coordinators are now placed in a more closely involved, although still advisory, role in design risk management matters than ever before. This allows them to get an overview on the implementation of all necessary measures for worker health and safety on a construction project before work commences. With the ability to direct attention to missing resources and incomplete arrangements in a timely manner long before physical labour begins, CDM Coordinators possess a sharper arrow in the quiver of workplace safety.

From a legal standpoint, the CDM Regulations are to keep health and safety concerns tied firmly to the principal contractor, so that they have a functioning interest in making certain that all subcontractors and labour are fully committed to jobsite safety during construction.

In a way, then, the decreased legal responsibility of the new CDM Coordinators as compared to their predecessors, the Planning Supervisors, has actually led to a more unified commitment to reducing injuries.  Placing the construction design risk management team back on the hook again giving them a powerful incentive to pay attention to the recommendations of the CDM Coordinator. No longer is it possible to ignore the recommendations of onsite CDM Coordinators, and fob off the possible consequences on someone else.

The principal effect of the CDM regulations is therefore to put everyone back on the same team, when it comes to ensuring that large construction projects are operated with a safety first mentality. CDM Coordinators are vitally important for the client, design team and principal contractors and sub-contractors.

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